The Evolution of Lingual Braces: Inbrace Leads the Way in Invisible Orthodontics

Dr. Saoly Benson | 05/28/2024

Discover the latest in invisible braces with Inbrace in Las Vegas. Perfect for adults needing a discreet and effective orthodontic solution.


What to Look for When Choosing an Orthodontist

Dr. Saoly Benson | 10/19/2020

Here are a few considerations and questions worth asking when making this very important decision on who will be caring for you and/or your child.


Retainer Care and Tips

Dr. Saoly Benson | 09/11/2020

Here are the best practices for your retainer care.


Caring for Your Braces During Quarantine


Here are a few tips for caring for your teeth in between now and your next visit!



Januari | 01/10/2020

Even with all of the great toothbrushes and products available, brushing alone is not enough to maintain good oral hygiene.


Self-Ligating Brackets

Januari | 06/05/2019

What on Earth is a Self-Ligating Bracket?, and why is it so important that we use them?


Sugar Consumption

Januari | 05/12/2019

With candy consumption at an all time high, many parents are concerned about their children’s sugar intake, and with good reason.



Januari | 05/05/2019

One of the most frequent complaints we get in our office is about the teeth being too yellow!


Lifetime Retainer Wear

Januari | 04/28/2019

Did you know that over 50% of our adult patients are in treatment for at least the second time?


Digital Innovations

Januari | 04/21/2019

Here at The Art of Braces, we value being on the cutting edge of technological innovations.



Januari | 04/14/2019

We are excited to offer the Carriere Motion Appliance in our office!


Caring for Your Dog's Teeth: Tips for Dental Care

Januari | 08/08/2018

Following these simple guidelines to care for your dog's teeth can help prevent most of these problems.


Fast Orthodontic Treatment Results

Januari | 06/29/2018

With most dental and orthodontic treatments instant results are not typically guaranteed. However, there are many ways to help maximize results


Benefits of Botox and Fillers for the Orthodontic Patient

Januari | 05/21/2018

When most people think of Botox® benefits, they only think of preventing wrinkles.


Chasing the Milky Way: My Path to My Passion

Januari | 04/16/2018

guess you could say that milky way chasing was written in my destiny from birth.


The Art of Braces Orthodontics Grand Opening Celebration

Januari | 03/23/2018

Thank you for allowing me to serve you.  The support and love from all of you means the world to me.


The Art of Braces: Orthodontics as an Art Form

Januari | 02/19/2018

What separates Dr. Benson from the rest is so much more then her keen eye for detail. 


Problems to Watch for in Adults

Januari | 01/08/2018

By working together, the dental team can achieve results for patients that cannot be produced alone.


The Right Time for an Orthodontic Check-Up: No Later than Age 7

Januari | 01/08/2018

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends all children get a check-up with an orthodontic specialist no later than age 7


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