Self-Ligating Brackets


Here at The Art of Braces we use Self-Ligating Brackets. You may be wondering what on Earth is a Self-Ligating Bracket, and why is it so important that we use them. Self-Ligating Brackets are brackets that have a small “door” that slides open and that holds the wire in place instead of needing ligatures (or colors) to hold the wire. You may have heard the term “Damon Brackets” before, and those are also Self-Ligating Brackets, however, in our office we use Pitts 21 Brackets, which are the latest in Self-Ligating Bracket technology. Even our Hidden braces (Inbrace) are Self-Ligating!

Why is it important that we use Self-Ligating Brackets in our office?

  1. They are easier to keep clean. Without the color ties, there is less “stuff” in your mouth to collect and trap plaque, making it easier for you to maintain good oral hygiene.

  2. There’s less friction because it is metal on metal (meaning the bracket slides easily along the wire), making tooth movement easier, faster, and more comfortable.

  3. We get 3D control over the teeth earlier in treatment, which means faster treatment times. (Less time in braces! YAY!!)

We are proud to offer our patients the latest and greatest technologies here in our office!

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