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Orthognathic or maxillofacial surgery in conjunction with comprehensive orthodontics is a form of treatment that can help fix complex dental problems, such as an offset bite, facial deformities, or severe malocclusions in teens and adults over the age of 16 years who have fully developed jaws. Generally, the process starts with braces for about 9-12 months followed by surgery and then finishing up with braces for a few more months. Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Saoly Benson is experienced and highly trained in executing orthodontic surgery. o find out more about orthodontic surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Benson at her practice in Las Vegas, NV.

Best Candidates

If you have a bad bite or misaligned jaws, this may lead to both cosmetic and functional issues that may negatively affect your life. Such conditions might include being unable to eat solid food or chew correctly, trouble speaking, intense pain, sleep apnea and much more. When these problems are severe, orthodontic treatment alone may not be enough to fully correct the bite and create the best facial aesthetics.  In these cases, orthognathic surgery is recommended as an adjunct to orthodontic treatment in order to provide the best treatment result.  Dr. Benson will conduct a comprehensive consultation and make a personalized treatment program that's unique to your needs and anatomy.

What to Expect

Dr. Benson will work closely with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment to plan for your surgery.  After initial alignment and leveling has been completed with your braces, the oral surgeon will perform your orthognathic surgery under general anesthesia.  The surgery might take a few hours to finish. In this time, The oral surgeon and his/her team will watch you carefully to make sure you are safe. When you're cleared to return home, Dr. Benson recommends that you rest and plan to take two weeks for your recovery. It may take an additional 3-4 weeks before you are fully healed and can eat and move your jaw normally again.  Once the oral surgeon has cleared you to continue your orthodontic treatment after the surgery, Dr. Benson will finish detailing your teeth for the perfect bite and smile.


Your oral surgeon will speak with you about how to correctly look after your mouth after surgery. In case you have any questions concerning how to look after your incisions, concerns about side effects, or signs of an infection, please contact your oral surgeon promptly. Every individual who has an operation of any type has the possibility for complications and we would like to make your treatment as smooth as possible.

Insurance Coverage

Orthognathic surgery may sometimes be covered by your medical insurance and depends on your condition, treatment, and policy.  The oral surgeon you are referred to will get in touch with your insurer to ascertain your benefits and projected personal expenses. 

Surgical Orthodontics

The Art of Braces would like to help you get a confident and beautiful smile. Although corrective jaw surgery is generally a final resort, sometimes it's essential. Skilled, board-certified orthodontist Dr. Benson will have the ability to explore all of your choices. To find out more about orthodontic surgery, schedule an appointment with Dr. Benson at her practice in Las Vegas, NV.

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