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Dr. Benson and The Art of Braces team want everyone to enjoy the confidence of an attractive smile and the benefits of properly aligned teeth, which is why we offer some of the most advanced orthodontic treatments.  metal braces use elastics to hold onto the archwire, but these bands can be frustrating since they can snap easily, stain, and are difficult to keep clean. More importantly, these elastic bands add a lot of friction to the wires, which slows down tooth movement! This is why board-certified orthodontist Dr. Saoly Benson chooses to use Self-Ligating Braces, which feature a sliding door to hold the wire in place and does not require small elastics. For great results, Dr. Benson uses high-quality Pitts 21 brackets which provide comfortable and faster treatment results. If you want to know more about improving your smile with Traditional Metal Braces, then get in touch with our office in Las Vegas, NV to schedule an appointment with Dr. Benson.

Smile Arc Protection

Traditional orthodontic treatment has been very effective at straightening teeth and obtaining good bites, but it has unfortunately often had the effect of narrowing and flattening the smile arc as well.  Not all orthodontists will give you the same smile, and it depends on not only the types of braces or appliances that the orthodontist uses but also in the treatment philosophy that the doctor practices as well as their eye for smile esthetics.  Dr. Benson's treatment philosophy involves developing a wide, youthful smile with optimal tooth display to support the surrounding facial structures and lips.  Utilizing a technique called Smile Arc Protection, your smile will be carefully designed so that your teeth follow the curve of your lower lip and be framed by the upper and lower lips in a beautiful masterpiece.  

What to Expect

Before putting on your self-ligating braces, Dr. Benson will clean and dry your teeth. Next, she will brush a bonding agent onto every bracket and put them on the selected teeth. Dr. Benson uses special tools alongside with evaluating your diagnostics photos and X-rays  to help her place the brackets precisely on each tooth to optimize your treatment. A light will be guided across the brackets to set the bond. After your wire is attached through your brackets, you'll be free to go back to your everyday routine.   Generally, there's not a reason to use anesthesia because this procedure is usually finished within a short time and causes minimal discomfort.  It is normal to feel some soreness over the next few days, and sometimes weeks, after getting your braces on, but your mouth will adapt.  They can also feel sore after they get adjusted.  During orthodontic treatment, it is important to avoid eating any hard, sticky, or chewy foods as well as to keep your teeth, braces, and gums nice and clean.


Though self-ligating braces don't need elastic bands, aftercare is generally the same as for conventional braces. The fantastic news about self-ligating braces is that they are not as prone to getting debris trapped within the round-edged mounts. It's still extremely important to floss and brush after eating after every appointment to eliminate germs. Improper hygiene can lead to tooth decay and gum difficulties. After your braces have been taken off, Dr. Benson will provide you with a retainer to keep your teeth straight while your gums and jaw adapt to the new position.

Insurance Coverage

Self-ligating braces and other orthodontic treatments may be paid at least in part by dental insurance. We'll get in touch with your insurer to find out your coverage and your remaining costs. If you aren't using insurance, The Art of Braces takes many types of payment and flexible payment plans without interest. Dr. Benson will review your cost estimates and payment choices during your initial consultation.

the Pitts 21 difference

Pitts 21 uses the latest in braces technology by securing the bracket to the wire using a frictionless sliding door. The good news for you and your child is this leads to faster treatment times, exceptional comfort, and the most beautiful smiles.

  • Pitts 21 self-ligating braces were designed to create wide, beautiful smiles.
  • Reduced need for head gear or palate expanders
  • Designed for shorter treatment times
  • Fewer appointments to fit into your already busy schedule
  • Pitts 21 braces are designed with smooth rounded corners to create a more comfortable experience
  • Pitts 21 braces are specially designed to move teeth faster and with less force, so there is almost no discomfort

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