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The Art of Braces is pleased to provide Hidden braces for our Las Vegas, NV patients. Hidden braces are a special type of orthodontic therapy that are placed on the back of the teeth. This appliance is even more invisible than removable clear aligners, such as Invisalign, making them almost impossible for other people to notice. Hidden braces are a wonderful option if you would like the advantages of conventional metal braces without looking like you're wearing them. Dr. Saoly Benson is a skilled, board-certified orthodontist who's experienced in setting Hidden braces. Dr. Benson uses custom-made Hidden brackets and wires for her patients to provide the most comfortable and efficient treatment. If you want to know more about Hidden braces or other straightening treatments, schedule an appointment with Dr. Benson.


InBrace is a new type of Hidden braces that hides behind the teeth using what is known as a "space-age memory wire" to help straighten a patient’s smile. InBrace significantly decreases treatment time when compared to braces, making the innovative technology the most advanced and efficient type currently available. An added benefit of InBrace is the ability to brush and floss normally, which is not typically the case with other types of braces. InBrace Hidden braces are an exciting and effective option for teeth straightening and The Art of Braces is proud to offer them to our Las Vegas, NV area patients.

3M™ Incognito™

With fully customized brackets, the Incognito appliance system can help enhance patient comfort during orthodontic treatment. The low profile Incognito bases are well-designed to fit the specific needs of the patient, ensuring optimal treatment results. The Incognito system is personalized to treat a wide array of cases, depending on the current condition of the patient's smile. During your consultation at The Art of Braces, Dr. Benson and her team will evaluate your smile to determine which type of Hidden braces system is ideal for you. 

Best Candidates

Like other orthodontic treatment types, Hidden braces correct overbites, underbites, and crossbites, along with misaligned, crowded, or gapped teeth. This is the perfect option for those who need a treatment plan that is truly invisible or for those who do not want to wear a removable appliance, such as Invisalign. They function in a very similar way to braces because they are fixed, or glued, to the teeth and utilize wires instead of plastic to move the teeth.  

What to Expect

The procedure for Hidden braces is slightly different compared to conventional braces because the braces are behind the teeth rather than the front side. After your digital scans are taken, Dr. Benson will design your smile and sequence your tooth movement digitally. Once the final setup of your teeth has been approved by Dr. Benson, she will order your custom brackets and wires. This process takes about 6 – 8 weeks. You will then come back to The Art of Braces to get your brackets and wires placed. This procedure usually requires a couple hours or less to finish. The most common discomforts with Hidden braces are soreness on the tongue from rubbing on the braces, as well as temporary speech difficulties. In time, your mouth and speech usually will adapt.


Once you get Hidden braces, you need to pay careful attention to your dental hygiene routine. Flossing, brushing, and using mouthwash are important so food doesn't get trapped in the brackets. Routine follow-ups should be scheduled at The Art of Braces to have your braces adjusted and to ensure that your teeth are moving properly. You might have some discomfort each time the braces are adjusted; however, in time, your mouth will adapt. Hidden braces are usually used for 12 – 24 months for ideal outcomes. However, the treatment time will be determined by your individual needs and goals.


As Hidden braces require custom brackets and wires to be made, as well as longer individual appointment visits due to the increased difficulty and skill required to adjust them, they are typically the most expensive type of orthodontic treatment option. A member of The Art of Braces team will talk about price estimates for Hidden braces during your consultation. They will talk to you about payment methods we accept and our in-office payment plans with no interest. If you are using dental insurance, we'll contact your supplier to verify your coverage and figure out your expenses.

Hidden Braces

If you are trying to straighten and enhance your teeth but do not want to have the look of conventional braces, then Hidden braces can be a terrific choice. Hidden braces are placed behind the teeth for limited visibility. The Art of Braces encourages you to make an appointment with Dr. Benson at our office in Las Vegas, NV to find out more information on Hidden braces and other teeth-straightening treatments.

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