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Welcome to The Art of Braces, where the science and art of smile design meet. You have a choice in selecting the designer of your smile, and it is important to choose an orthodontist who will treat your smile as a masterpiece!  Orthodontists are architects of their patients' smiles, and there's much more to smile design than just getting teeth straight!  While achieving a technically perfect bite is always Dr. Benson's goal for your treatment, an even more important goal is to create an attractive, youthful smile that complements your facial structures and will age well with you.  


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Board-certified orthodontist Dr. Saoly Benson believes that orthodontics is an art form first and a science second. This is why she offers many state-of-the-art techniques and treatments that focus on not only your teeth but also your overall facial structure and soft tissues to develop a treatment plan that will help you obtain a beautiful, youthful smile.


Dr. Saoly Benson

An artist at heart, Dr. Benson's passion is to find the perfect balance of facial aesthetics, harmony, and symmetry when constructing your smile. She expresses this passion not only when crafting your smile but also in her love of photography. Dr. Benson personally takes a portrait for every patient who finishes orthodontic treatment to celebrate their new smile.


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"Dr. Benson and her staff are amazing. My dentist recommended two orthodontists to me and I chose Dr. Benson when I read in her brochure that she is also a fine art photographer artist aside from being an orthodontist. Making braces is a work of art. Dr. Benson has the eyes and hands of an artist. She definitely chose the right name for her clinic "The Art of Braces". Her staff are knowledgeable and confident with their work. You can tell that they are well trained by Dr. Benson. I truly recommend Dr. Benson to my family, friends, and colleagues."



"The best Orthodontist literally ever. The team is amazing as well"



"The Art of Braces made my experience easy, and an enjoyable. It has been about 1-2 years since my braces came off and I still wear my retainer to this day. The office is clean, friendly, and welcoming. Everyone is smiling and willing to help with any questions you may have. Plus, I love their aligner foam. I just picked up another bottle today. You wouldn’t think a foam would really whiten your teeth but it does. Dr. Benson was a great orthodontist! Her staff is very kind, I never felt judged for any additional questions or adjustments I needed. I highly recommend."



"My experience with The Art of Braces has been exceptional from start to finish. The staff are warm, welcoming and professional and always make me feel at home during every visit. Dr. Benson is incredibly skilled and attentive and she and her team really took the time to explain each step of my treatment to ensure that I was comfortable throughout the process. The office is modern and clean, which added to the overall positive experience. I'm absolutely thrilled with the results—they exceeded my expectations! I highly recommend The Art of Braces to anyone seeking top-quality orthodontic care. A huge thank you to Dr. Benson and the whole team for giving me a smile that I can be proud of!"



"I’m so glad I found Art of Braces! The process and journey with them so far has been absolutely amazing. Everything has been seamless and easy. Their office is so stunning, warm, and welcoming. And not to mention, the team here is just as warm and welcoming, and have been SO communicative and helpful during my journey. I’m so excited for my end results!"



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Before your first visit, learn more about Dr. Benson and our dedicated team, read our reviews, and view our smile transformations. See for yourself how patient comfort, convenience, and cutting-edge technology are embraced at The Art of Braces.