Retainer Care and Tips

Retainer Care and Tips

CONGRATULATIONS! You have put in the hard work and it is time to enjoy your new smile!!

  • Tip 1: Wear your retainers……no really…. they keep your teeth straight.
  • Tip 2: If you want to keep your teeth straight, wear them even when you don’t want to.
  • Tip 3: The rest of your appointments are to check your retainers so please bring them with you to your appointments.

*90% of the population will experience relapse (teeth moving back to previous positions) if retainers are not worn properly.

***** Retainers are to be worn full time (day and night) except for meals for the first 6 months after braces come off. After that, they can be worn at night only……. until you don’t want straight teeth anymore. We will gladly put your braces back on and keep you forever. *****


  • Always place your retainer in your retainer case when not wearing them. Put this case in your pocket or purse, NOT on the table next to your plate or on a lunch tray…unless you want to go dumpster diving to look for your retainers.
  • Brush your retainers every single day before and after wearing them – the best cleaner to use is EVERSMILE White Foam. We sell it for $20 at the front desk. Dish soap will also work but it doesn’t taste good or whiten your teeth while you wear them.
  • Contact us IMMEDIATELY if you need to have any crowns, bridges, implants, veneers, and/or extractions done as these will affect the fit of your retainers and new ones will need to be made.
  • Use your fingers to remove your retainers in an upward direction for the lower and a downward direction for the upper, avoiding any twisting movements that can cause the retainer to distort, fold, or break.


  • Leave your retainers in the car during the summer – the heat will distort the plastic and we will all be sad.
  • Put your retainers in the dishwasher or microwave – the heat will distort the plastic and we will all be sad.
  • Soak your retainers in boiling water, bleach, or mouthwash – the chemicals/heat will distort/dull the plastic and we will all be sad.
  • Eat anything while wearing your retainers.
  • Drink anything except water while wearing your retainers – soda does not count as water.
  • Wrap your retainer in a napkin while eating – it WILL end up in the trash! Lunch trays are evil!!!
  • For clear/essix type retainers only, do NOT clean them with toothpaste or denture cleaners – this will make them dull and cloudy. If you need a suggestion, we sell a retainer cleaning foam for $20 that also slightly whitens your teeth when you wear it!
  • Leave your retainers where your pets can get to them. WARNING: Dog teeth will not be straightened using your retainers.
  • Play with your retainers, i.e. flipping them on and off of your teeth with your tongue. It also isn’t a cute habit to watch.

Dearest patient,

We could not be happier for you. It is now your job to keep those teeth in place with the tools provided. You are responsible for communicating with our office in regard to replacement retainers as well as upcoming dental work. Should your teeth move due to lack of cooperation, you will be charged to begin the process of straightening your teeth again. All jokes aside, it has been a long process to bring you on this journey and we want you to get the most out of your investment. As much as we will miss seeing you, our goal is that after your last retainer check, you will no longer need our orthodontic services. Please wear those retainers and protect your beautiful smile. If you need anything, we are always a text or call away!

- The Art of Braces Team

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