Self-Ligating Braces Versus Traditional Braces

You want to provide your child with the best, the best doctors, nutrition, and education. Now it's time to consider braces, so why would you settle for anything less? You've already picked one of the best orthodontists, which is the most essential step to a great smile.

Braces have changed a lot since we were kids. You might remember a series of colored elastics that held the wire to the brackets. These color elastics introduced unnecessary friction, which meant teeth moved slower and required more force to move. Now there's Pitts21, which will give your child a beautiful smile and a better experience. Pitts21 braces are specially designed to move teeth faster and with less force so there is almost no discomfort. Pitts21 delivers faster treatment times, exceptional comfort, and the best smiles. Pitts 21 patients get out of braces up to four months faster, and who wouldn't want a great smile even sooner? What's even better is that Pitts21 fits into your busy life. With Pitts21, you have fewer overall appointments.

Pitts21 was designed with your child's comfort in mind. Each bracket has smooth, rounded edges and a very low profile. This sleek design simplifies hygiene, as there are no rough edges for food and debris to get trapped in. With the frictionless Pitts21 system, teeth move quickly, efficiently, and nearly painlessly. In fact, Pitts21 is so efficient it reduces the need for devices like head gear or palate expanders while delivering exceptional results.

A great smile creates a lasting impression, and you want your child to have the best smile possible. Take a look at these two pictures to see the Pitts21 difference. Which smile do you prefer for your child? Did you say the one on the left? We agree. The smile on the left is the 12-tooth Pitts21 smile, which is broader and fuller since it did not require the removal of any teeth. Now compare this to the narrow 6-tooth smile on the right, which required the removal of teeth, creating dark corridors at the corners of the mouth. With Pitts21, we believe you shouldn't have to remove perfectly healthy teeth. Instead, we keep these teeth to make smiles that are as unique as the individual.

Faster treatment times, exceptional comfort, and the best smiles. Get ready to smile with the best.