Meet Our Team

7 Team Members
  • Dr. Saoly Benson

    Dr. Saoly Benson

    Board-certified orthodontist

    Dr. Saoly Benson is a board-certified orthodontist with a passion for helping her patients achieve a beautiful healthy smile with advanced treatments.

  • Marlou


    Lead Orthodontic Assistant

    Marlou developed an interest in orthodontics and graduated in 2016 as a Dental Hygienist with a minor in Orthodontics.

  • Krysty


    Orthodontic Assistant

    Krysty is an Orthodontic Assistant for The Art Of Braces and has been in the orthodontic field for about 10 years.

  • Melody


    Orthodontic Assistant

    Melody is a Hawai’i native who recently moved to the 9th island to continue her 17-year-long career as an orthodontic assistant.

  • Sofia


    Patient Care Coordinator

    With over 10 years of customer service experience, Sofia is ready and passionate about her role as a Patient Care and Marketing Coordinator.

  • Camille


    Orthodontic Assistant

    Camille switched to a new career path in orthodontics after 8 years in customer support.

  • Hien


    Financial Coordinator

    Hien Gonzalez was born and raised in New Orleans. She found her purpose and passion working in orthodontics when she started her journey 10 years ago.