Camille - Orthodontic Assistant

Meet Camille

Camille is very new to the world of orthodontics. She had 8 years of combined experiences in customer service and collections, when she finally took a leap of faith and switched to a new career path. She’s titled as our Sterile Technician, but you will see her running around in the office a lot, helping everyone. Her fascination in orthodontics started when she got her braces at the age of 25. It was her biggest insecurity growing up. Now, she feels more confident than ever, even with a “braceface”. When she’s not working, she’s either on a trip out of town, cuddling with her dog, doing her nails, taking pictures/videos, eating good food with her fiancée, singing karaoke, or planning her next tattoo." Her title is Sterilization Technician. Let me know if you need anything else!