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The Art of Braces offers Propel orthodontic devices to deliver the very best care to our Las Vegas, NV patients. The VPro+ mouthpiece has been designed to speed up teeth movement for quicker results for individuals wearing clear aligners or braces. Together with the VPro+, patients will have the ability to reach their preferred result in significantly less time and with fewer appointments. Other advantages include fewer adjustments, more predictable results, and better patient satisfaction and comfort. During your consultation, ask board-certified orthodontist Dr. Saoly Benson about adding the Propel VPro+ to your orthodontic treatment.

Best Candidates

A Class I medical device approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the VPro+ is part of Propel's line of orthodontic products. It's a mouthpiece that promotes tooth movement by generating micropulses, allowing the braces or aligners to work more effectively. This VPro+ speeds up therapy time by as much as 30% and this is extremely attractive to people who need to wear aligners or braces for a year or more. It's also significantly less invasive than similar accelerating devices.

What To Expect

As soon as you've finished your orthodontic examination and get your removable aligners or braces, you'll be supplied a VPro+ device, which may be used in your home. The VPro+ will be used for five minutes 1 – 2 times each day. Should you choose to use the unit twice a day, give yourself time between treatments. Whenever you're all set to use the VPro+, just put the mouthpiece in your mouth, lightly bite down, and then press the ON button. A light will flash, which signifies the beginning of the treatment. When the treatment is finished, a light will flash. Then you will take the device out of your mouth.


The VPro+ generates micropulses or light vibrations to speed teeth alignment. You might feel some mild nausea or dizziness after you use this treatment for the first few times. These sensations are normal and generally fade in a couple of minutes. You must thoroughly clean your device following every session to ensure good dental hygiene. Some individuals noted that the Propel device helped relieve the pressure that they felt with their braces or removable aligners.

Insurance Coverage

Dr. Benson will discuss your orthodontic therapy choices, including adding on an accelerating device and estimated costs in your initial consultation. For those who have insurance, we'll contact your supplier to understand your policy and figure out your out-of-pocket expenses. If you don't have dental insurance, then The Art of Braces takes many payments, including no-interest payment plans through our office to make your care more affordable.

Propel Orthodontics VPro+

Accelerating devices from Propel may reduce your overall time with braces or aligners by as much as 50%. To find out more information on your orthodontic choices and to include an accelerating device, make an appointment with board-certified orthodontist Dr. Benson at her office in Las Vegas, NV.

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