Botox Demonstration for Gummy Smile

Dr. Saoly Benson: Hi, I'm Doctor Saoly Benson, and today we're here at my practice, the Art of Braces, and we're going to be showing you a live botox demonstration. I have right here my lovely patient, Lisa. Lisa's chief concern is that when she smiles, she shows a little bit too much of her gums, so what we're going to do is place a little bit of botox in her upper lip. This is going to help relax that lip muscle so that when she smiles, it relaxes and covers a little more of her gums. We're also placing a little bit of botox in between her eyebrows as well as in the forehead, just more as a preventative measure than anything else. She doesn't really need it. She's already beautiful.

Dr. Saoly Benson: A little bit of an asymmetry. Her lip moves up a little bit more on her left side than her right side. So, we are ggt target our injections to put a little bit more botox on the side that lifts higher.

Dr. Saoly Benson: And, turn toward me a little.

Dr. Saoly Benson: Okay, Lisa, what did you think? We're all done.

Lisa: Oh, awesome. It wasn't that bad at all. It was fairly painless, kind of like getting a flu shot, not that bad at all.

Dr. Saoly Benson: Awesome.

Lisa: Thank you so much.

Dr. Saoly Benson: You're very welcome.

Lisa: That was amazing.